Monday, October 8, 2007

Whalehammer Duo LP - 'Static Reverence'

So a new Whalehammer album has been unleashed upon the masses, 'Static Reverence' is the title. This time though it is a bit different as this is a 'Whalehammer Duo' album, ala Crosby and Stills recording an album devoid of the magic of Young and Nash. This recording still has plenty of magic in it's digital soul though. Richard and David recorded it on the evening of 28th September 2007 live to SM57. It will be up on soonish to download. In the meantime two of the songs, 'Narcoplex' and 'Electronic Prism Face' are up on to listen to or download. The sound on this album is a bit more blissed-out and electronic than previous Whalehammer stuff, it's pretty cool IMO.

Static Reverence Tracklist

1. Narcoplex
2. Vision Gate
3. Buried at Birth
4. Electronic Prism Face

As usual if you would like a CD-R of this title shoot us an email at or download it as a whole album zip file (soon) on In other news, Whalehammer have some gigs coming up - Saturday October 27th at Tanya's Party in North Perth, Wednesday October 31st at the Hyde Park Hotel w/ Carbuncle & Astral Travel, Saturday November 3rd at Deni's Birthday Party in West Perth.

Photos from Scott's Party Gig

Here are some pics from our set at Scott's party on 30th September. Apologies to Scott for blowing up his bass amplifier head, what can we say, you called up the thunder, well now you got it. BOOM!

The song from this set was called 'Incandescent Trails' and will be up on soon.

Cheers to Scott for the ragin' party.

All photos are by Jillian West ( Thanks Jillian.