Thursday, November 29, 2007

Frank & The Can I Speaklys - Three Song EP

So, Perth-based idiot-pop-savants Frank & The Can I Speaklys have just 'unleashed' their debut three song EP, 'Indie Scum'. It is a riproaring bad time converging on a nexus of new wave, garage punk and brain dribbling lo-fi pop chunder.

The 3-song EP includes the ANTHEM 'Indie Scum', the curious dark pop blast 'You Shout Minus Blood' and the fairly bizarre psych-garage hymn 'Three Legs'.


Frank - vocals
DDT - guitar & synth
Trevor - bass
Dr. Rhythm - drums

Cop it from in the Frank & The Can I Speaklys folder.

Cover art -

The ideal Xmas present for those in the know!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Self-Titled First Album now up for download...


The first (self-titled) Whalehammer album can now be downloaded from Just go there, go to the whalehammer folder, and you can download the zip file. Then you'll need something like Winzip (you can get it for free off the internet, your computer probably already has it) to 'unzip' it into the individual tracks. There is also 'The Birthing Hour' LP and a live set from 29th August in the folder.

The first album was recorded in early 2007 before we had Steve on board, so it's the bass-less lineup of Scott on drums, Richard on guitar and David on guitar and vox. It was recorded in Scott's spare room live to minidisc.

There are 4 songs, 'Riding the Waves', 'Arise Wounded Beast', 'Frozen Psychosis' and 'Amniotic Bouquet'. The first two songs are super-drowsy, languid damaged psych song things, and the last two are rather freeform pretty guitar things with some diversions into icy noise. I'm into this album, although it is probably the last WHLHMR record to listen to while operating heavy equipment or doing something important, like open heart surgery.

Anyhoo, check it out. On the future tip, we just recorded a new album called 'Subterranean', should be out and about in the digital and reality-based sphere soon. Send us an email ( or hit us up on the myspace ( to cop this or any other title.

See ya