Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leopard Messiah - 'Emerald Fyre' LP

Leopard Messiah – ‘Emerald Fyre’

‘Emerald Fyre’ is the new record by Leopard Messiah. He resides in the inconsequential wasteland of Perth, Western Australia. The music could be described as stoner-pop/stoner-folk, the instrumentation is 12-string acoustic guitar and vocals, a couple of tracks feature mannequin leg percussion by the drummer from Whalehammer.

On this release Leopard Messiah comments upon the ecstacies and agonies of riding the emerald wave, feasting on the green, and all that’s in-between. Leopard Messiah is inspired by stoner rock, psych-folk, the british explosion, lo-fi pop etc…

Look out for more Leopard Messiah in the future!

You can download ‘Emerald Fyre’ from


1. Feast Upon The Green
2. His Soul Was Purged
3. Dream for Me
4. Lord of the Bay
5. Torched Skin
6. My Flesh Dissolves
7. Empress of Ash
8. Rotted Mind (a cover, the original is by Suffer)
9. Smoking Skull
10. Emerald Fyre