Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gig - Friday Sept 19 - Grim Fandango, Suffer, Burning Sensation, Magic Window

5$ / 9pm start / hyde park hotel

Grim Fandango - rev/sum dc-ish punk rock, killer twin guitars
Suffer - PV/HC Infest-esque
Burning Sensation - trash punk treble
Magic Window - art-punk new-wave strobing

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well a perusal of the internerd has alerted me to the fact there is another Perth obscure music blog, dunno how long it has escaped my attention for but it's pretty cool and I am hell out of the loop for not knowing about it sooner. I think it's called 'Dullsville' and the address is

I think Rohan who plays/played in such bands as Extortion, AIDS, The Collapse, Hospital Beds yadda yadda is the sole(?) contributor. The focus is on old Perth punk/hardcore and the obscure offshoots of band family tree's relating to the acts mentioned above and he's going pretty deep into the bowels I gotta say, it's good to see a blog that features things that people genuinely haven't written 15 thesis' (thesi?) on already. It also has a higher 'real band' ratio than this blog, not to mention he has mastered the art of direct linking to things in a really efficent way. Two fine achievements!

Anyhoo it's pretty sweet and worthy of construction site-esque checking out.

On a side note perhaps I will list the perth-related music blogs I know of; - interview site crafted by some link-obsessed tall guy i think? Excellent vocabulary - privately educated no doubt. - not perth music related but written by Richard from Whalehammer, the hilarious and erudite wordage on display prompts me to mention it anyway. You too could become a kraut/prog/thrash/tech-thrash/death/jazz-thrash expert with the aid of this blog, a high-speed internet connection, a serious amount of time on your hands, some quality aged cheeses and a well-stocked Jolt Cola/homemade mead bar fridge. Not to mention serious fu**ing dedication!!! - run by pendulum chap, open contributions

If anyone knows of any other decent perth-related music blogs please mention them in the form of a 'comment'.

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