Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leopard Messiah - 'Live In North Perth' Recording

Leopard Messiah played live at 'Goodbye Horses' on the 30th July 2008 at Bar 459 in North Perth. Camryn Rothenbury from Farmer Frontier put on the show. It was their first show and also Craig McElhinney's first show. DJ James Beck left the crowd speechless that night with his mind-boggling mixing skills and Healing Crystal Meth also played. LM's set was bootlegged by Scott from Whalehammer and is now available on The sound is not too bad, although Richard's guitar is somewhat inaudible at times. They play songs from the 'Emerald Fyre' album and a few newer tracks. Budding acoustic artists could take this lesson from the recording - memorise all of your lyrics. Mumbled syllables just don't substitute for forgotten lyrics when you don't have walls of amplifiers and a flailing caveboy drummer behind you. Thanks go out to Scott for his bootlegging prowess and the above photo is by Jillian West.

Download the recording at

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