Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WHALEHAMMER GIG - FRIDAY 21st November 2008 - Mojos

Whalehammer is playing a show at Mojos on Friday 21st November 2008. We are supporting a couple of eastern states bands, who are all pretty impressive. Lineup:
Circle Pit - from Sydney, used to be in Kiosk, trashy RTX hesher rock
Lakes - from either Sydney or Melbourne, heard some stuff of theirs the other day which was kind of woozy psych organ/acoustic folky stuff, really cool
Wasted Truth - some kind of offshoot of Lakes I think
Mental Powers - kosmiche, rhythmic, calming, one of the better acts in Perth
In other news we have some new stuff that is soon to hit the north - an as-yet-untitled full-length recording which is being mastered APPARENTLY and a pretty dungeony mix of stuff recorded to cassette in July at Dream Studios called 'dream tape' which is about done. Get in touch if you want one or any other of our recordings - I think you should be able to purchase our cd 'subterranean' which is on the farmer frontier label from Planet Video, 78s, Dadas, Meupe webstore and other places right now HOPEFULLY.
What else...the launch party for Subterranean was great, thanks to Cameron of Farmer Frontier, the occupants of the house Dylan, James and Kyle, Splendid Fiends, the person who donated the lights and vicious smoke machine, DJs, everyone who came, everyone who attended the party.
I'll have to put some pictures up.

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