Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wretched Blood of the Concubine - 'Feeble Child' - 2007

It brings me great pleasure to make available the third Wretched Blood of the Concubine recording to the world of wide web. Wretched Blood of the Concubine deal in both black and grey metal, and black ambience of the most nefarious kind. The band consists of Nick Tripodi (of Hailstones Kill 200, Inter Alia, Kids with Guns for Hands etc) who currently resides in Melbourne and David West (of Whalehammer, Orgy of the Undead, Extended Summer Surgery, Burning Sensation, Rat Columns etc) who exists in Perth. Driven to either ends of a vast land by mutual hatred and disgust they still recognised their own brilliance as a duo, and thus with great pains collaborate in Perth when Nick visits to ironically recognise pathetic Christian superstitions such as Christmas. This particular collaboration occurred in the summer of 2007 I believe.

Having worked with drum machines in their previous two recordings the pair sought out some fresh human blood to flail the skins. After some negotiations some somewhat-fresh blood was found in the young James Vinciguerra (of AIDS, The Collapse, Total Control, Lace Curtain etc) and the band entered a rehearsal studio in Leederville to hammer out this epic tune. Overdubs and mixing were completed in David’s residence that evening.

‘Feeble Child’ is a song suite telling the tale of a peasant man’s life in feudal Eastern Europe. Born a peasant, he enters into the rebellion of the serfs against brutal, repressive landlords and nobility. A great battle is waged and strides are taken towards a proletariat victory…hope is in the air. However, the Feeble Child (now a young man) is struck down with a mortal blow. The throes of death are long and painful, and he succumbs. Thrust into the darkest void, he negotiates the afterlife, a confusing, surreal vortex. Eventually his fate is settled – he is thrown into the screaming wasteland of hel and is sentenced to eternal misery and pain. Thus ends the tale of the Feeble Child.

Download the track at from the Wretched Blood of the Concubine folder.

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